Suzaku Castle has been taken over by thugs! Steve please defeat their Leader!

The Lore folks! truthfully this is a fangame for Steven as you noticed theres that golden circle on everyone of these games, this is because all of them are part of a crew called "Yo Videogames" Steve here has even recently followed me on Twitter, so this game is for him and his fans, i hope you enjoy!

PLEASE READ: JoyToKey is highly recommended for this one due to the inputs to make the special moves come out, also there are some glitches

1) if an enemy hits you while your near any of the stages walls or ceiling, there is a high chance you will get stuck inside of it, or just float away into space, if this happens please press "ENTER" to get pulled out

2)if the game fails to load, refresh the page and try again, changing tabs or minimizing the window seems to affect the application

3) Special Moves dont come out? this is because the game is reading your inputs, if you press to many buttons or directions it wont recognize the special command, if you jump it deletes all inputs, once you land try again, also have a very small delay between inputs like Down-pause-Left-pause-Punch if you press any buttons at the same time the move wont work :(

thats all of the bugs im personally aware of, keep in mind this is just a prototype, and using only the "Free" version of Clickteam limits my options, but in the end i hope i made something enjoyable, any donations will probably be used to donate it back to Steve and to possibly allow me to buy Clickteam fusion, you dont need to Donate, a feedback or any comments would be appreciated, take care and have fun playing, Latz!

Music was Downloaded from "downloads.khinsider" website, all credit goes to the original composers and Capcom.

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