Shoto Steve V1.2 Released!

So since i have a few followers here on, I'm happy to announce the new update! before V1.1 was the HTML only, meaning people could only play it on the web page, however! in order to add xbox controller compability, i have now found new ways to make the game better here are the update changes

1) Downloadable game!

2) Special Command Moves now come out way more consistantly than before

3) "Super Bar" added so that players know when they can use the "Metsu Super" thats listed in the command list

4) Majority of bugs have been fixed, however its still possible they may happen again, for those who dont know it's these

*getting hit may cause you to get stuck in hitstun and slowly fly away

*for some odd reason jumping in certain places pulls you down hard, forcing the player to really mash the jump button to get out

5) added a keyboard button press to switch between Keyboard Controls and Joypad Controls

6) added a Pause button, by pressing "P" this was neccesary now that the game is downloadable

thats all i can think of, the next update will expand the stage and add more enemies to fight! and hopefully ensure the few mentioned bugs are fully squashed, along side any other feedbacks i receive before the update 


Shoto Steve v1.2.exe 9 MB
May 25, 2017

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