WASD: for movement

J: to Sprint

K: for sword slash (when you obtain it)

L: To use secondary weapon (open the inventory with "i", then left-click the weapon you want, remember to close the menu with "O")

i: open inventory

O: close inventory


The land Is being ravaged by terrible monsters! please take this ancient sword and used to slay all evil!


Cheesy story to get you started, this is but only a WIP, I cant really add more items anymore due to the object limit being reached, I'm using the free version of clickteam and I'm making these games to have enough funds to both buy the engine and support myself economically, however at this rate I may end up job hunting and return to this later, but if you wish to see it done please spread the word and share this project, any donations will be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time!


Music was Downloaded from "downloads.khinsider" website, all credit goes to the original composers and Nintendo.


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Any way that this will get a download version?

oh right its broswer only at the moment, sure i can set it up to be downloadable, i still wish to improve upon the gameplay, but since turning this one into a donwload it shouldnt take me to long, hope your still around for it, i will also try to fix a few issues i noticed while replaying it